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If AmigaOS 4.1 running on WinUAE isn't worth 30 euros to you now then chances are it never will be
No doubt this is what you think, still you are wrong. For now they voluntarily prevent os4 from running in an acceptable manner under emulation. This is their right but I don't support this. Would it be 5€ or 100€ it would make no difference to me.

Hyperion are simply too small and make too little from the product to do anything except modest, incremental updates and fixes.
You mean like having already z3 done and voluntarily not releasing it ? Come on ! This is a strategy, full stop. Again it's up to them, but so far it looks like I - as an emulation user - am not part of it. Let it be. Any money will go first to projects like winuae or amikit (for example).
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