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I see OS4 as being a part of the Amiga in as much that it's an updated version of the classic OS (based on the original source) that still runs on the original hardware (albeit a very niche subset of the original hardware).

I've supported it for the same reasons I support Cloanto - I like having companies around that are keeping the Amiga alive in their own way - and for the €29.95 I paid I've gotten a lot of enjoyment tinkering with the OS, testing WinUAE and playing with various PPC apps that previously I was unable to try (I even purchased the PPC port of PPaint because I enjoy using it and I wanted to contribute something to A-Eon).

If AmigaOS 4.1 running on WinUAE isn't worth 30 euros to you now then chances are it never will be - AmigaOS doesn't have any kind of future - Hyperion are simply too small and make too little from the product to do anything except modest, incremental updates and fixes so it runs on the latest AmigaOne.
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