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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
If you want Hyperion to update AOS4 for Z3 support, please join their forums and add your voice to the discussion although do note the even with a ton of RAM, OS4 Classic is always going to be a second-class citizen in Hyperion's world 'cause the PPC platform is so fragmented (multiple hardware targets and differing capabilities).
To be honest I see os4 as a weird creature which is no more amiga still nothing comparable to modern oses. So I would be happy to play (and pay) if it was affordable and reasonably usable. The only way today to match both criterias is emulation + hyperion supporting it. But I will for sure not beg : it's up to them to decide where their business is, and I don't understand how they can expect business in the dying ppc world (even emulation may only be a little fresh air the time for them to move to something different). Well let's face the evidence : amigaos 4 is becoming athing of the past (not to say it already is).

Note : why the hell didn't they release a ps3 or xbox360 version of it ?????
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