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Quite honestly, I think that if you used the name of the floppy in drive 1 as a default save state filename, you would find that you didn't like that solution very much after all. For games that require disk swaps from time to time, this could get quite confusing depending on what disk was in drive 1 when you did a save or restore. I would suggest that a better solution could be to use the description entered for the config file as a default save state filename, or to add a new field to the GUI where you could specify the filename to use. One advantage of the latter suggestion would be that if it were done this way, HOME+F5 and SHIFT+HOME+F5 could automatically restore and save using this name without bringing up the dialog when you were using a config where a filename had been defined. If no filename was defined, then those hotkeys could behave the same way they do now. This would make the GUI a bit more complex, but it wouldn't burn up another hotkey.
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