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NetHack problem

I recently downloaded & installed Nethack v. 3.43 (?!) for Amiga OS 4 and I think I'm having some problems with the configuration. I know it has plenty of options available and quite complicated, but I think it should work with basic assigns etc. I did assign for the main directory, as described, but always get the message" Could not make levels, not enough diskspace" or something like that. So the game starts, but only the first "level" (=floor ?!). There seems to be some Boolean options to use, and thought the diskspace option should be set to False, and this could me made form the main menu of the game, but is there any option to set that option while starting the gmae ? I could not find an answer yet.. :-o I also tired to do assign for Levels directory, but that didn't help... :-o
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