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Hi guys,
Microcosm goes to black and white when you cheat :

This is the invincibility cheat, i remembered that after you used the cheat the game goes balck and white but which trick is used that winuae don't emulate. I didn't tested yet with the last version, yet. But i will.
I know this is game is not so popular but i would like to know which trick they used, it must something not so usual... Because winuae stay in full colours after using the cheat. Any idea ???

ok it still in colours with the last beta... How they did it ???
look, if you read the comment done by "superturbo" here :
It confirms that the game should goes display in black and white after cheating : @ chromax: Yes, Ive seen the ending without cheating. The end scenes looks better in colour than in black & white imo
I just went to the end of the game and even the outro still in colours, something isn't emulated by winuae... I played it on amiga 1200 with a special cd32 game launcher and it turns to black and white too on amiga 1200. Strange.

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