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Time to delve back into the realms of ancient history...

I got a VIC 20 for my 13th birthday, did a little bit of programming, played a few games mainly 'caterpiller' iirc, bought the 5k ram pack for it about 6 months later.

Age 15, upgraded to Sharp MZ-3?? with built in tape deck and plotter.

Age 16, Picked up a second hand Oric-1 but never used it much

Age 17, The dawn of civilisation, I got my A1000 with 256k ram expansion, 2nd floppy, 1081 monitor, marble madness and the pawn...

Age 23, Upgraded to A2000, 2 years later I fitted an A5000 in it

Age 27, Upgraded to A4000, Warp engine 040,28, 32MB

Age 28, Bought a Picasso IV (woohoo!)

Age 30, warp engine died, so replaced it with a 060 CSII and 128Mb

Sometime in my 20's I also had a Psion3, dropped it smashed the screen and bought a Philips Nino with the insurance money.. Still got it but don't use it as windows ce died trying to install the modem software, and I need a windows 95 pc to re-install it all

I also had a PC for about 3 months before beating it to death with a very large hammer
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