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Precise timing in WinUAE for ripping audio

I've been trying to dump some old Octamed mods out to wav from WinUAE.

I'd like to produce two wavs for each mod, one per stereo channel pair. That way I can then create enhanced mixdowns in modern PC software by further editing the wavs to separate each instrument.

The problem is, the timing. It's all over the place. Once I get the two wavs into Ableton, the click track I placed at the beginning doesn't line up and the rest of the track slowly becomes more and more unaligned.

This wasn't a problem when syncing two real Amiga 1200s using click tracks back in the day (not using the midi control function in Octamed - that used to cause a slight delay). If there was any drift it wasn't noticeable.

Is there a way to force WinUAE to render step by step so that there is no timing drift at all?
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