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Could tell you my age at the times, but I started off with an Intellevision (soccer was the game that kept me up late most nights

then I got a Vic 20
Speccy 48k (rubber key)
Speccy + 2
MSX (Toshiba)
Master System
C64C + 1541
Atari ST (lasted a week before I threw it out of the window (seriously) and got an A500
A4000 040
First PC was a 386 dx40 that I swapped for an Amiga 500
numerous other shitty PC's

Now all I have is 1 PC (athlon 1700)
About 4-5 pc's that could be made up from the bits in my computer cupboard
2 Commodore A1200's
AT Amiga 1200 with 500 mb hd + scsi cd-rom
SNES (which I got for a fiver on sunday and am considering putting it up on ebay, as I have no wish to collect consoles, but it just jumped up at me and said buy me

Hoping to get an A4000 soon and probably A500 and A500+
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