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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
No, it isn't clearly, I keep telling you it worked for me. That's all. Not saying your method doesn't work, just adding one. Water worked for me. Does it work again after some time? I DON'T KNOW because for mold reason I disposed of the cases which probably have lots of mold stored in the fabric that protects the discs from plastic.

Off the counter alcohol will leave residue though, if you go the alcohol way, I'd get isopropyl alcohol.
"It worked" is obviously not taking into account the fact that spores are still present on the disk and likely inside. Any airborne humidity will regrow these spores over time.

So, yes, it seems to work on the surface but the root cause of the problem is still there.

Peroxide water is the only way to kill spores reliably.
Isopropyl alcohol does not kill spores, it only kills the growing mold.
Both are needed for a durable cleanup.
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