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Originally Posted by LordNipple View Post
This is correct I am afraid! The game was designed to be played on a real amiga with 2 players, if somehow there's an online feature added to emulators to allow 2 players to play over the internet then that would be great but that's wayyy beyond me and Kevin
It's already available in emulators like FS-UAE - no need to reinvent the wheel

I understand what Retrofan meant though - being able to play the game online using a real Amiga connected to the the interwebs. Too much coding involved to do that, I'm afraid.

Originally Posted by LordNipple View Post
If you get to play against people please could you record a video too? Maybe upload it to youtube? I would love to see people enjoying this game!
I'll see what I can do Might take a while before we get a chance to play, though! (Last time was in... October 2015 I think?)
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