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I tried the new version a bit and it seems that the guru I got with previous version is gone. At least so far I tried. Btw. it would be nice if you can include history text file in the archive. And what about a version string in your source?

You may use another string for "too much" (disk free) because someone can think something goes wrong. Instead something like ">99MB" or "enough". Or you replace/change it to MB values if the max bytes value is reached?

While playing some mods I noticed some small interrupts. After returning to WB I saw sashimi window showed some MuForce hits what seems to the reaseon for the interrupts. However, for the record here only the first hit because it is always the same:

WORD READ from 00000000                        PC: 01C15F86
USP : 017F3FBE SR: 2600  (S6)(-)(-)  TCB: 017EC260
Data: 000000BB 000026E8 000610E0 00000000 0000010E 0000001E 00000005 0000000A
Addr: 01D69144 01C2A73E 01D690C0 01D68D14 00000000 00DFF0B0 01C28792 01082668
Stck: 0000017F 40100000 001F00FE DF200000 FFFF0000 00000000 00000000 00080000
Stck: FFFF0180 3B4C0000 0005005F D014017F 4050017F 4084010A 7A7C0108 0E46017F
Stck: 40510000 00000000 00000162 7B340000 0000454E 563A00FE C6CA00FE C6BE0000
Stck: 000F00FE BC38017E C2D4017E C2D00556 017F4038 03EFFFFF FFFF017F 40240156
Stck: 81FC0000 000FFFFF FFFF017F 405800FF 03100445 4E563A00 000F017F 40CC0000
Stck: 0008017F 40840000 11000180 3B4C0000 00050154 6B5E015C 02E20180 3B5C015C
----> 01C15F86 - "Ram:PT23E/PT2.3E"  Hunk 0001 Offset 0000146E
----> 0005005F - "Ram:PT23E/PT2.3E"  Hunk 0002 Offset 0000105F
----> 00050154 - "Ram:PT23E/PT2.3E"  Hunk 0002 Offset 00001154
PC-8: 43F901C2 A83C7E16 700030C0 32C051CF FFFA4E75 48E7F080 7400342E 00026010
PC *: 4A546700 F12648E7 F0807400 142E0013 4A3901C1 6072667C 50F901C1 60724A02
01c15f66 :  43f9 01c2 a83c             lea.l $1c2a83c,a1
01c15f6c :  7e16                       moveq.l #$16,d7
01c15f6e :  7000                       moveq.l #$0,d0
01c15f70 :  30c0                       move.w d0,(a0)+
01c15f72 :  32c0                       move.w d0,(a1)+
01c15f74 :  51cf fffa                  dbra d7,$1c15f70
01c15f78 :  4e75                       rts
01c15f7a :  48e7 f080                  movem.l d0-d3/a0,-(a7)
01c15f7e :  7400                       moveq.l #$0,d2
01c15f80 :  342e 0002                  move.w $2(a6),d2
01c15f84 :  6010                       bra.s $1c15f96
01c15f86 : *4a54                       tst.w (a4)
01c15f88 :  6700 f126                  beq $1c150b0
01c15f8c :  48e7 f080                  movem.l d0-d3/a0,-(a7)
01c15f90 :  7400                       moveq.l #$0,d2
01c15f92 :  142e 0013                  move.b $13(a6),d2
01c15f96 :  4a39 01c1 6072             tst.b $1c16072
01c15f9c :  667c                       bne.s $1c1601a
01c15f9e :  50f9 01c1 6072             st.b $1c16072
01c15fa4 :  4a02                       tst.b d2
Name: "Processor Interrupt Level 6"
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