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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Don't have too much faith or it might deceive you.

This one is very special. The deeper i go into it, the more i find amazing the mess that can be made out of a quite simple game.
At first it looked like a simple scripting system. But the script itself does stupid things like absolute addressing (including hardware accesses). And there is something like 90k of script to decipher...

Not meaning it is not doable. But it's gonna be too much time and work than it's worth. So unless i can find extra motivation somewhere, i won't do much more work on that stuff.
Oh, ok. I guess i could just ask for money sent to me via paypal, but i don't like the idea (even though any gift would be welcome)...
Hello there meynaf,

Not sure if you were serious or not about your last line; it doesn't matter really.

Anyway, I've just given you an "incentive" to try to get this port completed (if it is possible). It's also really a thank you for all the other numerous ports / games you've done and spent your valuable personal time on

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