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If there is anything I want to take from this, it is not that life is hard or unjust but rather that Paul's efforts and dedication on this project are a great example of what grit can produce.

Although he was by no means a professional he clearly was determined to learn as much as he could to produce this port and was both aware and not scared by the magnitude of the task.

Watching from the sides I was sometimes a bit jealous (*) that an amateur would progress so steadily (even if slowly) towards a very honest reproduction of the mechanisms of the original game while on the other hand I was only able to flap my mouth on the EAB instead of actually moving my ass and doing some real coding.

If anything, his death reminds me that I should be more active and persistent on my own projects if I do not want to have regrets later. Life is unpredictable and there is no time to be wasted.

So, thank you for your example Paul!
Love and kittens wherever you are.

(*) for a few microseconds only
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