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Hi Toni,
Here's some work for you...


hdd 13 bb is a 20MB hdd image done with
workbench 1.3 (french)
extras 1.3
bridgeboard 1.3

need: 1.3 rom and A2088 BIOS 3.6.1 380788-06.bin

Inside dh0:, there is a hd image of a complete set of janus and msdos 3.30 which were with the 2088XT package.
Just click on System1.3, open PC, launch PC Color then
type amouse in the msdos window.
amouse hangs, (but atime works (with a wrong date, but it is another story of Y2K bug...))

On the pc hd there is a tools directory with msd.exe inside.
This M$ tool works well with the on a true bb 2088XT.

Tell me if something missing...
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