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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
The MAS player uses AHI and it isn't a sound car either.

In fact it can also use MHI.
Ummm... The MAS player uses MHI, yes, but it absolutely does not use AHI. Why would it?

As for whether it's a soundcard or not, it may be a little misleading because people equate soundcard with an AHI-compatible output device. However, it does output sound from software sources on the computer so I would definitely consider it a soundcard - just one with a particular purpose (in this case for decoding audio). There have been other cases of this in the past too - plenty of MIDI bank hardware and the likes have been advertised as sound cards, once they have their own audio output ability.

Bottom line, all that's needed is to be clear about what *type* of soundcard it is. Personally I've never had any doubts about this, but maybe others less familiar with the terminology might be confused.
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