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Thank you for testing,Arnie.
If we use an original workbench diskette, everything would be OK.
If we use a "quasi" workbench diskette which has the same directories&files,
it cannot find the path of whdload.
So next my question is what is the difference of them.
Original wb diskette (or installed wb in hard drive) has some hidden files?
My question was "What directories/files are missed? "

Of course it's ok if our talk ends at #41, however,
it would be more better if we get success even using "quasi" wb disk.
actually we can create "quasi" wb disk even if we didn't buy retail wb3.1 disks
(actually we can find and copy many libs/fonts... files from other commercial games disks or coverdisks we've already had.
It would become more easier to get data from original copy-protected diskette
even if we don't have any hard drive.
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