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A few tips to save some RAM:

1) Run in a 16 *not* 32-bit screenmode (uses less RAM and OS4.1 seems to have some display issues in 32-bit).

2) AmiDock eats around 3-4MB of RAM - disable it with WBStartup prefs if you don't need it.

3) Larger screen resolutions use up some RAM (1440x1080 uses 3MB more than 1024x768).

4) Icons cans be moved to Graphics RAM in Workbench prefs.

5) Compositing (GUI prefs) uses scads of RAM - leave it off.

6) Images used as window backgrounds can be set to Poor/Poor quality (or disabled) without much visible detriment to the default theme.

7) WBStartup prefs can be used to disable a few commodities that you may not need (RAWBinfo, ScreenBlanker, ClickToFront, ContextMenus, AmiDock, RinghioServer).

8) The startup sound can be disabled in Sound prefs.

9) You can move the PicassoIV monitor to Storage once you've got uaegfx working.

10) Likewise, unless you need them PAR and SER can be moved from DOSDrivers to Storage.

11) The following lines can be commented out of S:Startup-Sequence

;C:ATA3.driver QUIET
;Run >NIL: *>NIL: SoundPlayer QUIET

12) Lastly in Workbench prefs you can add %mg graphics mem, %mf other mem to Screen title format to see how much free RAM you have available.

With all this running at 1440x1080 with AmiDock enabled, on boot I have 79MB (of 128MB) free - saves around 12MB in all (82MB free with AmiDock off) - not much but it helps without sacrificing too much.

Do note though that AmigaOS 4.1 is *really bad* at freeing up memory after it's been used so if you're opening and closing apps you'll still run out of RAM eventually - and stuff like Odyssey's pretty much unusable on Classic at this time unfortunately.

*Edit* scraping the barrel here - you can free up a little more RAM by reducing the buffers to 300 for your partitions/hard disks with the Media Toolbox - lastly, if you're not using it any more remove the CD drive in WinUAE. Got just under 81MB free now on boot (enough to run Odyssey and load ).

*Edit* 81.5MB free now after dropping my Z3 swap RAM down to 256MB.

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