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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
We would like to have that promised dedicated website. What I can see in there is a lot of progress and info, that we miss. The range of tanks is nice, what attracted my attention is FRIENDLY FIRE: ON / OFF - does it mean the game can be played in teams?
you can play in co-op mode

manual mode on!:

1 Player Mode
1 player mode. Enter the world of Tanks Furry
and challenge the mole tanks! You will play
through 42 missions taking place throughout
all the islands!

2 Player Mode
2 players mode. Take a friend with you! To-
gether face the mighty forces of mole tanks.
42 missions taking place throughout all the

Versus Mode
Multiplayer mode. Skirmish on random maps.
One against all. Invite your friends and orga-
nize a championship. Find out who can su-
rvive. Each player has only 3 machines each
round. Good luck and have fun on one random
map out of 15.

Options screen

Player lives – adjustable number of lives gi-
ven when starting the game.
Bonus drop – controls the appearance of the
special bonuses valid for the duration of the
next mission.
Friendly fire – weapon fire coming from one’s
own side can hit it’s allies.
Versus Players – number of players in the
multiplayer game; from 2 to 4. All colours are
assigned automatically.
Versus stages – number of random maps for
the multiplayer mode.
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