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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
The guru happens when I start PT from WB, quit it, start it again and quit. When I start it somewhere early at startup-sequence time no guru happens. So maybe something running here could cause it. I`m not so interested in find out the causer. Checked 2.3d and the same guru happens just after start/quit it from WB. Seems my system environment doesn`t like it.

If you or someone else don`t get the error you should ignore this.

Error : 0100000C (Recoverable)
By    : ExecLibrary
Cause : Sanity check on memory list failed during AvailMem(MEMF_LARGEST)
This hints at memory corruption (i.e. someone writing over the boundaries of allocated memory).. It does not have to be PT, of course, but if the problem occurs specifically when using that, I'd say it has something to do with it.
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