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Excellent! Now stick the OS4 testing version of WinUAE in the same folder (rename it WinUAE_OS4.exe or whatever).

Save a backup of your working config somewhere!

Now edit your config in Note/Wordpad to add uaeboard=full+indirect (doesn't matter where).

Then run WinUAE_OS4.exe and load your config, adding a directory folder like this:

That'll make it easier to copy stuff back and forth - leave the other drives as Cyberstorm PPC for now 'cause that's currently faster than uaehf.device. You can also add up to 768MB of Zorro III RAM to use as swap (although it doesn't seem to make much difference in practice and using more than 512MB eats up a little system RAM).

Find a copy of the 68k UAEgfx (or just UAE) Monitor driver for AmigaOS and get that in your Monitors drawer via your new shared drive (or .ADF/HDF whatever) - once you've done that (and not before!) you can change your RTG board from Picasso IV to UAE Zorro III (64MB+ video RAM works best). You might want to add the NOBLITTER tooltype as well since Toni recommends it.

Then you're pretty much up to speed with where we're at right now do note though that we're severely Fast RAM limited and setting large display resolutions and/or running lots of stuff will quickly hang OS 4.1 when it runs out of RAM - hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to use Z3 as Fast RAM.

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