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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Please don`t waste your time with this. At least if you cannot reproduce it.
Sorry, but I'm actually a robot and I have to fix every bug that people point out. I *did* reproduce your problem today, but I still don't know what part of the code is bugged. PT2.3D has the same problem. I will definitely find out at some point - probably tomorrow (today).

I fixed another "bug" (rather a bad program design thing) right now. Whenever you change the Disk Op. path and you press ENTER, it will automatically refresh the file list. On PT2.3D, you had to click LOAD MODULE (or some other button) to refresh the file list after you changed the path.
Also fixed the "FREE" number in Disk Op. Instead of overflowing and showing nonsense numbers, it will show "TOO MUCH" if the free space is more than 99MB.
The updated PT2.3E is in the same URL in the first post of this thread, as always.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Everything is wrong with 3.x
Finally someone who understands. :-)

Originally Posted by Toni Galvez View Post
I was asking for a custom format 8bitbubsy, we want something better for our developments, we do not want to interfere wit Protracker, but a *custom* tracker, based on Protracker, but with 64 samples and some more stuff.
Yes I know that you asked for a custom tracker and format, but it won't happen anytime soon... Maybe one day after I feel satisfied with releasing a stable PT2.3E.

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