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Next Gen CD32 + New CD32 Games

ok... I know some of you may already know this info but for those that didn't I thought I would point out that there is a rather interesting development happening over on kickstarter right now that caught my attention. I knew something good was cooking for us Amiga fans when I read the opening line;

"The ultimate all-in-one-Retro console with a built-in DVD-RW drive to run games for Amiga CD32, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn*, Sega CD*, TurboGrafx* and more"

I mean, I love the CD32 but who in this day would put Amiga CD32 as the opening console in the first paragraph. You would of thought Playstation or PC Engine for example. So immediately this caught my attention and I spoke to the creator.

"This is basically my idea of an next gen Amiga CD32" Pascal said.

CD32 games will run straight from the device.
It gets better.
There are new games coming. And they are going to work on the CD32! The first one is starting to look the business called Projekt Lila.

"the indieGO!'s DVD drive is there to run cd-games because we will release more stuff for cd32 and I hope to extend the small niche we are living in. So with luck we can sell 500CD's which would allow to invest 'much' more into graphic, sound and development next time."

Pascal then went to talk about the next game for CD32 after Project Lila "I have already a new project in the pipeline but no free developer... So after Projekt Lila will be ready with a pause of a few month another game inspired by alien breed will follow. Also for 68k amigas / CD32."

Now I always have a fondness for the CD32 and I always felt it never had the lifespan it should of. We should of seen more, better games pushing the system. Its great to see someone is sharing this enthusiasm and bringing a new "next gen" if you like CD32 to the market.
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