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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
I have no idea what you mean, and I can't reproduce it (if I think I got you correctly).
Sorry, was just a bad out of memory description. I tested (once) again and with version 2.3D it is the same. Unfortunanately, it seems to be a strange random behaviour because after writing down the step-by-step sequence I tested again (2.3E) to verify but now it works at least the next 4-5 times. Here the way to reproduce or not:

1. Click on DISK.OP
2. Select a drive path. In my case it is "Work:".
3. Click LOAD MODULE to list content of "Work:".
4. Select "PT2.3E" directory
5. Click LOAD MODULE to list content of "Work:PT2.3E".

Seems here lacks a refresh dir list or whatever when the problem occurs.

6. Select "PT2.3E" directory

Path string shows "Work:PT2.3E/PT2.3E" what is wrong.

7. Select "MODULES" directory

"Can`t find dir" error message appears because the path is wrong: "Work:PT2.3E/PT2.3E/MODULES". The same happened without using LOAD MODULE button instead click direct on the dirs.

The 128kB sample bufix is really nice. That was never fixed in 3.x versions. Loading/saving, recording, editing, ... 128kB samples I realy missed in the past.
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