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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
How on earth did you manage to find out what versions the MODs were made with and stuff? Some very heavy heuristic checks that can only somewhat work in some cases? :-D
That wasn't my task, you can ask h0ffman about it, but it's probably more bruteforce than that :P I haven't read that part of the code and honestly I wouldn't be able to figure it out either haha. There was a bunch of guessing involved too. For example, PC-made .MOD files have their common issues too (like stuff made with FastTracker).

There might not be as many differences as one thinks, but what is sure is that now pretty much any .MOD file we throw at it works. Of course we still find problems every now and then.

Originally Posted by Toni Galvez View Post
I was asking for a custom format 8bitbubsy, we want something better for our developments, we do not want to interfere wit Protracker, but a custom tracker, based on Protracker, but with 64 samples and some more stuff.
Sure bro, pay 8bitbubsy a wage and he can definitely make your dreams come true.
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