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Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
I just googled stack exchange. So ten left fingers was positing the idea of creating our own site much like stack exchanges way of doing things/prioritizing pertinent information etc? A dedicated website could work, yes. I don't have the skills to put up a site myself, not a proper one anyways.
Actually it is better than that: the Stack Exchange network offers to create and host freely new Stack Exchange sites as long as there is enough interest and people to generate quality questions and answers on that site.

They offer their software and delegate the handling to a group of admins (I do not think a single person is enough) and add the "beta." prefix to it ( for example) and after a few months they evaluate if the site has enough traffic and quality. is by far one of the best coding resource on the planet and it is entirely community driven for example. There is also maths stackexchange, astronomy, and many more.

It would be really nice if there was enough demand for a dedicated Amiga exchange site but that is a hard thing to do: requires knowledgeable people to spend time answering questions, requires administrators to understand how to moderate fairly and according to the quality and theme criteria of Stack Exchange and establish formal and transparent rules, etc.

It is a lot of work but if there is enough traffic this could work. But from previous beta attempts it is not clear if the Amiga community is large and self controlled enough to manage it.

I have been caressing that idea for quite a bit too but it is also quite a bit of work by the admin team: they must be ready to step in and establish principles, advertise the site, work with Stack Exchange, etc.

Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
If a site was set up replete with it's own game dev forum and an area for news posts and video clips of games it could work. Contact would have to be made with as many devs as possible. Asking them to submit regular updates, videos etc would be important. A video diary chronicling the creation of a game would be a good idea too.
Well, this is an entirely different beast than the question/answer format of Stack Exchange sites.

And I think you really underestimate how much organizational work this is.
In order to have a regular production you would need at least one part time paid staff to do that. Or 20 volunteers and fantastic leadership with lots of personal time to sacrifice to hold them together.
This is enormous work and having a website framework, although important, is just the tip of the iceberg.
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