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Originally Posted by Asman View Post

Just for information.
All games which I checked from Andromeda Software uses this kind of emulation or whatever. I checked Moon Patrol, Crystal Castles, Millipede, Robotron 2084.
Some time ago (two years ago or something) I started with Crystal Castles and I really stuck with this. When I find some free time then I back to Crystal Castles. Or perhaps I should start with easiest and smallest Andromeda Software game.
The only way seems to be to convert the script back into something more readable.
Do you have a full resource of Crystal Castles ? If this is the same system, then joining our efforts could be a good idea.

Originally Posted by Asman View Post
This is only speculation but I think that script system is kind of 8-bit emulation. Probably Andromeda Software have access to original 8 bit sources and semi-automatically do such conversion.
As it is stack based, it's probably not an asm conversion. Might be a conversion from 8-bit basics.
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