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WinUAE freezing my OS for 40 secs

Every time I:

1) Start WinUAE emulation
2) Move focus away from WinUAE by clicking the middle mouse button
3) Hit the OK button after changing settings
4) Exit out of WinUAE

My entire Win7 desktop hangs/freezes for exactly 40 seconds. The screen freezes, no input is possible until the 40 seconds have elapsed.

I was curious to see if this was a visual thing so I started a youtube video running in the background before starting WinUAE. The second I started WinUAE emulation everything froze up as before but the youtube clip's audio kept playing fine. I did notice a curious side effect once the 40 senconds had elapsed: I noticed that the youtube clip's video was playing at an extremely sped up rate while the audio had remained unchanged - like the video was trying to catch up to after being frozen for 40 seconds.

This is very strange tbh

I was following WinUAE's progress from the very first versions that barely ran on pentium 4s, astounded that someone was brave enough to take on the herculean task of emulating the amiga. Religiously updated my WinUAE revisions right up until 2.610

Never had any issue like this before. Quite a bizarre problem.
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