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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Well, it is easy enough to change this situation: code, graph, create music, advertise, communicate, donate and buy as much as you can afford to.

If you want to see change, be that change. Outsiders are not going to make the Amiga scene better just for our pleasure, it is up to us to make this change and that means going from consuming gratis to producing and/or buying.

As I keep saying: be the change you want to see in the world. (I did not invent that sentence, obviously.)

And yes, Adrian, this is a good idea, but frankly a forum is ill suited for pushing news, it is made for discussion, not documentation.

The idea of an Amiga stack exchange as mentioned in another thread by TenLeftFingers seems more suited to sharing dev information.
As for news, a dedicated site would probably be better but it needs to attract an audience first and have a constant flow of news... Hard for now.

Update: argh, I'm mixing unrelated things together in my reply. Sorry for that.
Too late to fix, will re-reply tomorrow. Good night.
I just googled stack exchange. So ten left fingers was positing the idea of creating our own site much like stack exchanges way of doing things/prioritizing pertinent information etc? A dedicated website could work, yes. I don't have the skills to put up a site myself, not a proper one anyways.
If a site was set up replete with it's own game dev forum and an area for news posts and video clips of games it could work. Contact would have to be made with as many devs as possible. Asking them to submit regular updates, videos etc would be important. A video diary chronicling the creation of a game would be a good idea too.

I have a friend who could set up such a website and he has space/bandwidth for one. I'd have to pay him though and cash is tight now, but I'm tempted.

Shit, at the very least I'd help out with ideas and some money too if others here were interested in working on such a thing? The main idea is to get the devs communicating with each other in one place and allow users to access everything about the games in one place.
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