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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I came to the same conclusion originally when adding for myself Belgo. I think from memory it was something like Bombjack went behind the background and it didn't feel right...

I tried all cracked .ADFs, then got hold of the .IPF and the same thing occurred.

Anyway, I'm using "Mighty Bombjack (1990)(Elite)(M3)[cr SKR - FLT][t +3 Skillion].adf" and an "A500 1.3 ROM, ECS Agnus, 512 KB Chip RAM + 512 KB Slow RAM" configuration (though I'm sure OCS will also work fine).
I had a quick look again and I think my main problem was I wanted the +8 version as that has a levelskip which would be great for testing the game, except I couldn't get the levelskip to work..
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