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As much as I´d like to concentrate on coding RESHOOT, may I add something to the money topic.

Developing a game like RESHOOT is sometimes fun and sometimes labour. It takes months and a fair amount of perseverance, believe me. Most of the time I´m heavily motivated, because the game grows and looks more promising each week. But on some occassions one just wonders: why?

But I feel obliged to deliver a convincing game, especially to Patreon-contributors, for obvious reasons. It´s their kind of real life support that enables me to reward not only myself, but also people around me who bear with me and my time-intensive work on RESHOOT.

See, these earnings from Patreon may not be much. That´s right for sure. But it´s something as opposed to nothing and it adds to the strong force called motivation. That´s why I appreciate supporters for my RESHOOT-project and all artists on Patreon.

Having said that, I can totally understand people who want to try (or at least see) before spending their hard earned money. Nothing wrong with that. A boxed CD-version is one of the targets for RESHOOT. Maybe even a diskversion, if people ask for it.
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