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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Well. This is not what I said.
Not in so many words no, but you did say "Easiest way to get updates: become a Patron via Patreon" which involves payment, so again, i'm not paying for requesting information on how a homebrew game is getting on

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Paying makes the project move forward and thus increases the odds of it having news updates. Information just is a consequence of this.

And 25$? You can just put one dollar if you want.
Not necessary true, it might spur devs on, but there is no guarantee on getting a finished product, or indeed any product.
And one dollar doesn't get you a game at the end, $10 a month is the lowest, but again who knows how many months it will take, again nothing against the guy doing the game, i just don't like the principle of this Patron platform.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
If you prefer the classic way of producing games where you need to go through publishers/investors/editors/etc before a single penny reaches the actual developer then that is fine but I very much like the ability to pay directly to the person actually doing the work.

This comes with risks, of course but at 1$ per month, what do you risk exactly?
A sandwich per year?
How is this related to publishing a game the classic way, the Amiga has long been dead, 99.9% do stuff on the Amiga for the love of it, they would be silly to think they will make any real money from it, just because its a game doesn't make it more worthwhile than other peoples work for the Amiga, be it software, hardware, maintaining websites etc etc

As i said i will gladly lay down 30-40$ on a finished product, but i will leave it to other people if they wish to put money down on something that is a unfinished project, just something i don't agree with, obviously you don't agree but there you go
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