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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
I was just asking if there was an update, if not then fine, im not paying for information.
I personally dont like these patron sites that seem to have popped up everywhere lately, id be willing to buy a complete game when done at a set price, but to put money say $25 or whatever a month and not know it could be another 12 months before its done, again fine if you want to, but dont come on here telling people to pay for information.
Well. This is not what I said.

Paying makes the project move forward and thus increases the odds of it having news updates. Information just is a consequence of this.

And 25$? You can just put one dollar if you want.

If you prefer the classic way of producing games where you need to go through publishers/investors/editors/etc before a single penny reaches the actual developer then that is fine but I very much like the ability to pay directly to the person actually doing the work.

This comes with risks, of course but at 1$ per month, what do you risk exactly?
A sandwich per year?
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