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Originally Posted by jdb78 View Post
Jens has got my A4000 for test reasons. I gave it to him in October at the 30 years Amiga event in Germany. It has a Buster 11, a Cyberstorm MK1 060 and a X-Surf 100 with a Rapid Road module. X-Surf 100 works well in ZIII but RR doesn't, it only works in ZII.

I am confident that he will find the source of the issue and resolves it to our satisfaction. We should be used to wait, shouldn't we? It's done when it's done. There are so many parameters when it comes to an Amiga that you can't simply test all of them before you sell new hardware. So either you wait or you send it back and buy yourself a Deneb or Subway.
Thanks for loaning out your precious A4000 for this. I'm still hopeful of a fix and knowing they still have your machine makes me a bit more hopeful.

I understand your point about waiting. I don't want to harp on so what I said in post #400 covers it. Thanks for the info!
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