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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
oRBIT, I will lose A/NES forever. I hope that someday you continue to develop it, on AmigaOS 3.x of course. Thanks for taking time to updating it for us.
I guess you mean "miss" not "lose"?

Also, there is a "donate" button on A/NES site. I'm sure using it will help seeing future releases.

Quoted from the "News section":
2015-10-11: News update
My activity in the "NES-scene" has been very low lately. The motivation simply isn't there. I had hoped there should be a little more public interest in my patches but obviously I was wrong. Although it has been fun hacking NES-games, it's also very timeconsuming, and the lack of public interest doesn't really improve the motivation. I've closed the VIP-section for now (Thanks to those who did support me, I will not forget you). Time will tell what will happen to this website in the future.
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