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Centralized Amiga indie game forum or resource?

It occurs to me that there are more Amiga Indie games in development than ever before.
-I think one reason for this is because of the Amiga 25 years celebrations that happened last year. People's interest and passions in all things Amiga have been stoked.
Also the quality of these game is improving, there is a commercial quality bullet hell shooter in the works, tanks furry will be released soon and there are a few more games on the horizon - Many of these games like tales of gorluth 2 will come on Cd'S with proper packaging too.

My question is this; should we now capitalize on the current zeitgeist for all things Amiga and create a centralized place for newly released and upcoming Amiga games?
There are several games on different websites and bits of news scattered everywhere, granted there are a few threads right here for some of the upcoming games -

Any centralized location in my opinion should exist here on EAB. Why?
It's the most productive Amiga site by a country mile and I feel it would serve as the best custodian of such a place. Also loads of Amigans visit here and so we could leverage the exposure it would lend to Amiga indie games.

What about a sub-forum or location much like the "Zone". I mean at the top of this site on the menu bar similar to the "Zone" we could have an "Amiga Indy" section.

Game developers would have to be informed of this new place. Such a place could allow Indie game devs to problem solve together and run ideas past each other, even help out with each others projects.

It's just an idea but my gut instinct tells me it makes a lot of sense. It might help the amiga indy scene gain momentum. One ring to rule them all...

What does everyone think? Plausible? Doable?
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