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I'm gutted to read this. He used to live round my neck of the woods. We had a chat about Blitz Basic on here and we met up a couple of times and spent the evening down the pub talking for hours about the Amiga and programming (much to the bemusement of those sitting nearby) amongst other things, such as music and his love of that too. He was really supportive and complimentary of my work with Amiga Future and my game projects and sent me some suggestions for code improvements for Maxwell not even a year ago. Likewise I spent a lot of time on his game and intended to interview him for an article on his work when it got further.

When he and his family moved he insisted I go and visit a retro event up there and stay overnight at his place (Wolverhampton way I think); sadly I never got the opportunity to attend.

Gutted he's gone at such a young age, and most of all for his young family. Horrible. RIP
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