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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
But could it be possible to double the number of colours in a rainbow effects done by the copper with winuae ????
winuae could calculate an extra colour in the mid-range between 2 colours in the rainbow ???
Off-course it isn't possible if the colour change every lines.
Turrican3, WinUAE is an emulator and the whole point of emulators (in this context) is to simulate one computer on another computer. Some purists who always prefer the real hardware over emulators are always bashing the latter for not being truly accurate to the original hardware. The last thing we want to do is to give these people a reason to hate emulators more.

The point is, the emulator HAS to do exactly (or as near as possible) what the original hardware does, within the confines of the host computer that's simulating it, or it's not true emulation.

Yes, a filter may be possible, but why not appreciate the actual as-accurate-as-possible graphics (or sound) for their limitations as well as their innovations and uniqueness?
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