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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
Anybody mentioned Alien Storm yet? Mediocre game....:/
I always thought it to be an ok game, 7/10. Nothing great, nothing exciting, given the development time I recon they did a competent job. When playing it in NTSC through a CRT the graphics hold up quite well, to my eyes anyway.

Sometimes I think we forget how much better these games look running in their (then) native environments, large flat screen HD TV's and modern monitors do not do these games justice, especially the one's that never looked that great in the first place.

Always been puzzled by the lack of solid scrolling beat-em-ups on the Amiga, it doesn't help matters when the majority of these games are from Japanese developers on Japanese consoles/arcades, and the Amiga for them was just some strange foreign computer, lacking powerful custom chips (i.e. the sort of hardware that can throw tons of large sprites on the screen with little impact), along with a highly fragmented/poorly focused market strategy. Why would they care?

It's a real shame that western/european developers lacked the ability and desire to make great beat-em-ups.. Did they lack the secret sauce? Was it a cultural thing?

Originally Posted by jamielemon View Post
Scrolling fighters is one genre that the Amiga missed on out having a bona-fide classic, I think. It's a shame someone like the Bitmaps or Sensible didn't come up with an arcade-standard, Amiga-first take on the genre, to be honest. But maybe they thought the genre itself was too limited to begin with.
Yeah, true that, the scrolling beat-em-up formula never came to fruition despite the obvious talent floating about.

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