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Lightbulb Amiga Stack Exchange site

I've found stackexchange incredibly helpful for getting to grips with linux and it would be amazing if something like this existed for Amiga OS and it's derivatives.

Personally, I find forums a laborious way of getting information sometimes - especially when it might be strewn across a long thread. On the other hand, there is a lot of great information here and very knowledgeable members.

After reading the stackexchange new site staging FAQ here
I see no reason why with enough people we couldn't create a fantastic resource for coders, OS and application users. Games and derivative OSes could be covered too.

I'm happy to admin the site, edit questions, moderate and even post common questions and provide answers where I know the answers. It would take a bit of work at first to get it right so I'm curious here what the level of interest is with helping define a the purpose of the site, engage with questions and edit/moderate content?

I need 5 users to follow the proposed site otherwise it gets closed within three days of creation. I'll wait to hear from people before starting it.

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