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Originally Posted by Mclane View Post
A. He likes lots of colours

B. He thinks Toni is bored.

C. He's insane...

I know which one I'm going for....
It looks like you are strongly implying that you favour option C so I think it is worth explaining why that is definitely the worst possible answer. Hopefully that will also help you realize how mean to Turrican3 this assumption of yours actually is.

All emulators have different priorities and this is true also of their user bases.

These priorities are reflected in the kind of features that the users of these emulators want: some want 100% original experience with CRT perfect pixel shaders, etc. and others just want to "play the damn games".

Oftentimes, when the goal is only to play old games, it is also sensible to want to "up" the audio and video quality of the game, taking advantage of the fact that the machine running the emulator is vastly more powerful than the original machine (in the case of the A500 and MegaDrive, more than one thousand times, easily).

Many emulators offer features design to enhance the graphics or audio of original games:
- Playstation games and N64 games which use polygons can be rendered with 1080p (and more) resolutions instead of the usual 320x240 ones.
- Textures and palettes can be hot-swapped with higher resolution and quality ones so that graphics do not look super blurry and/or blocky.
- Filters can be applied to pure 2D renders to artificially smoothen the graphics while displaying at much higher resolution.
- and so on, and so on, the list is pretty long

Not everyone like these effects but there is definitely a demand for them because most popular emulators offer them to one degree or another. UAE also falls in this category: stretched modes with bilinear filtering are one such feature for example.

What Turrican3 asks, is essentially the same thing for the Amiga: artificially increase the palette bit-ness and smoothen copper-driven gradients so as to enhance the perceived quality of Amiga emulated graphics.

This is a very sensible request which I think has a lot of merit.

Its only problem is that - as Toni mentioned - it is technically difficult to implement for two reasons:

1- not every colour change by the Copper participates in a background gradient and it would be difficult to reliably analyze copper lists dynamically and determine which parts of them constitute background gradients and thus can be properly interpolated with high colour precision and which other parts should be simply left alone.

and 2-, how UAE's low level is currently designed does not necessarily allow this feature to be implemented efficiently (I have not verified this but I suspect that might be the case). After all, it was never designed with this kind of thing in mind.

As Toni said ("everything is possible"), both problems are fixable given enough time and effort, but this also means that this feature is necessarily prioritized down compared to other more important needs.

But this said, I am sure that this feature will find its way into UAE eventually.

Hope this helps.
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