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Hi all,

thank you for your kind words! I'm really glad you like it!

I just released a new version with some bug fixes, downloadable here:
  • turn off df0 drive motor on start
  • fixed broken VBR handling code (movec vbr was commented out )
  • enforcer hit accessing $00000000 due to old debugging code
  • startable from Workbench

If you stumble upon other hard bugs or annoyances, let me know.

Originally Posted by earok View Post
Nice work.

I've zoned an ISO for both CDTV and CD32 owners. Let us know if you'd like to release it officially for those consoles, we'd be happy to host it on

The only change we'd suggest is mapping button 2 to jump (button 2 is on the standard controller for both the CDTV and CD32, plus is compatible with Mega Drive, Master System pads etc)
earok, thanks for creating the ISO images! Very cool.

I'd be happy to add the button mapping (and, of course, having official CDTV/CD32 releases), do you happen to know which bit is the correct one to query?

	btst	#14,$dff016	; DATRY   data for port 2, pin 9
	btst	#12,$dff016	; DATRX   data for port 2, pin 9
	; ... or somewhere else?

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