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Andy, you've probably seen that I've had responses back from a few former SWAG members.

I was very interested to read about how Colin is now really into emulating the Amiga on the Raspberry Pi platform. I'd say this sort of thing was right up the street of what the user group could cover.

Do you still have the details of the venue you used before? If zerohour has no luck with sourcing somewhere to meet, it could be an option.

I remember when I went along to the first Bristol and Bath Mac user group meeting back in 2005 (I think!). That was the first meeting held in an effort to get it moving following Mac Format dropping ownership of it. At that meeting we just met in a pub and talked Mac. We didn't actually bring any machines along to that session.

Over 10 years later we're still going. We have a decent venue now, and although we only meet quarterly, meetings are still interesting, informative and fun.

Great to read that you still have all the web pages. I can probably get us some really cheap web space from a friend. All we'd need to do would be to register a domain - for example?

I do hope you can be part of this in some way, Andy. Even if it's just an online presence.

All the best,

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