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Andy! Of course I remember you! What a blast from the past.

[...]Unfortunately I failed at getting enough support from the community to be able to arrange a meeting.
I think the best thing is to arrange a generic meeting to start off with in a pub, or similar to see what sort of traction you can get. A meet where you can set up computers, etc., may be better, but finding somewhere is a pain as you have to pay for most venues for something like this. I did find somewhere local to me (a "folk house") that we used, and people paid a couple of quid or so to go towards the hire costs.

I also had several of my own machines that I took along for one thing or another.

I've had a rummage around the Mac hard drive, and it looks like I downloaded the pages from the FTP site way back in 2005. Although the site was simple, the thing I liked was that it worked on an Amiga (I think!).
It's all still on the web site space - I created it all on my A1200T back in the day, from the custom images, html pages and Javascript, and it worked on Amiga browsers.

If you can get another domain (mutter mumble, grr), you can use the web space and site.

I'll pop over to the SWAG list and give the idea a plug on there.

Thanks for the help. If this does come to fruition it would be great to see you.
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