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Right side: single cycle at the very end of scanline is never available for the copper, free or not free. (reason unknown)
Is this for PAL only, or also for NTSC?..
i ask because, if i set WinUAE to NTSC, the code bugs out with a nice flicker..

and then i remembered this text from the hardware reference manual:

All lines are not the same length in NTSC. Every other line is a long line (228 color clocks, 0$E3), with the others being 227 color clocks long. In PAL, they are all 227 long. The display sees all these lines as 227 1/2 color clocks long, while the copper sees alternating long & short lines.
So the "not available" cycle might be to trick the copper to see 227 1/2 lines on every line? (just a though)
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