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I have no idea what causes that, so I don't know how to fix it...

Anyways, I fixed some more PT2.3D bugs:
- The VU-Meters are now bug free at high tempos (BPM)
- The VU-Meters and Quadrascope now retrigger on E9x (Note Retrig)

And here's some newly introduced bugs that I fixed (bugs that I made by accident):
- The scopes could get stuck if there was data after the loop end point
- E8x (Karplus-Strong) had some remaining debug code that would mess up things, removed...
- The sample marking routine could overwrite bitplane data on the very right side of the sample data window
- The channel mute routine that is called from the keyboard keys (e.g. CTRL+A) was missing an RTS instruction and would mess up channel #1

The LHA in the URL for the archive is updated, and it will always be the same URL.

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