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A former SWAG member alerted me to this thread.

Basically, (Robert may remember me) I ran SWAG for several years until I closed it a few years ago due to a lack of interest and attendance.

I actually had the domain name ( until a few weeks ago, and had no intention of letting it "go", but for some reason I never had any renewal notices and I basically lost it to someone else who has since registered it. I am somewhat annoyed by this to say the least. I do still have the old site on my server, but you may want to do a new design if it goes forward.

I believe interest in the Amiga has had a boost recently, but I can't say if you will get many people together - back in the day, it did get to the point where trying to get people to meetings was, well, not easy.

Right now, I am not sure if I am able or willing to get involved myself, but if someone else wants to try, you are welcome to. I would suggest sending a message to the old mailing list (you are welcome to use this) at and see if you any response from there (there are currently 34 members, but I don't know how many are still "active").

If you have any questions, let me know.
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