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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
Toni, any progress for the planned expansion sound card (AdLib or Sound Blaster) board emulation?
No. But someone probably should start by creating pile of test disks that play sounds automatically

SYS:PC/system/PC.boot contains text strings concerning the aboot.ctrl file.
PC.boot seems to be 8088 code, certainly loaded at startup by the janus.library.
Janus x86 side is properly loaded, it can be seen in your screenshot.

I have set run >NIL: SYS:PC/pcdisk in the startup-sequence just after the bindrivers command.
Which Janus version? I think PC service stuff changed completely in later Janus versions.

Perhaps the bios are not really 2088XT... don't know how to diagnose or debug that.
v3.5 = 2088 Bios. Wrong bios would crash or early boot self tests would fail.

I expected to find a 8088@4,77MHz, it shows NECV20@10,4MHz and it is really more nervous than PC-Task.
Dosbos core is minimum 286 but it shouldn't cause any problems.
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