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I have this game when I buy my A1200. When I was a kid I play it a lot. For someone who start with commodore128 and play games like Rick Dangerous or PP Hammer this game was a big jump in visual and audio. Music was so juicy, intro with all that different layers was very charming. Game by it-self is average, not too bad, but also not my favorite in platform gene. Maybe if level design was bit more linear with not that much backtracking I could enjoy it more.
CD32 version is best one if You are amiga fan, it got two extra levels and nice ambient music in levels, also at start there is manual. But if You search for best Oscar version - You wont find it, PC version got additional intro, SNES one lacks lot of levels, both have hi-score list while amiga lacks it. There is also Oscar for Nintendo DS but I never play it.
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