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@AnnaWu thanks 360KB,
In fact .img can be done from the custom adf with the excellent tsgui . So I can boot the emulated 2088XT. but only a: and fantom drive b: are present...

SYS:PC/system/PC.boot contains text strings concerning the aboot.ctrl file.
PC.boot seems to be 8088 code, certainly loaded at startup by the janus.library.
I have set run >NIL: SYS:PC/pcdisk in the startup-sequence just after the bindrivers command.
Perhaps the bios are not really 2088XT... don't know how to diagnose or debug that.
I will try to make an image with the minimum for you.

I expected to find a 8088@4,77MHz, it shows NECV20@10,4MHz and it is really more nervous than PC-Task.

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